Label Application Rollers

We manufacture and supply the Foam Roller that forms part of Labelling Machines.


Your Best Choice for Bespoke Label Application Rollers.

We manufacture high quality Label Application Rollers. Labelling Machines are used in many industries for attaching labels to all types of products. We supply the Foam Roller which is part of the label application machine. The roller ensures the label is securely stuck down smoothly and neatly onto the product.

Foam Roller applications;

•    Label Application Rollers
•    Paint Rollers
•    Gluing Rollers
•    Wipe Down Rollers
•    Buffers
•    Food Rollers
•    Paper Pick up Rollers

What materials do we use for Foam Rollers?

Open Cell and Closed Cell Rubbers

Our Label Application Rollers can have the following characteristics;

•    Metal or Plastic Cores
•    Cylindrical or Tapered Shape
•    Stamped, Turned, Ground (Concentric) or Grooved Finish.
•    Several different materials to guarantee product satisfaction

Label Application 2

If you work in an industry that uses Labelling Machines or would like to know more information about how our Label Application Rollers may benefit you, please do not hesitate to call, or simply complete our online web form or email us at: to go through your requirements with our expert team. At Sydney Heath & Son we make sure we use the best material to meet your specification so that the end product is of the highest standard.